Close to the land

Fromagerie Bouchet - Historical milestones

1955: Maturing cellars created at Saint Julien en Genevois

1998: Move to the cheesery at Beaumont, with its greater maturing capacity

2000: Opening of the Beaumont shop

2014: Opening of the shops at Vulbens and Divonne

2016: Opening of the Saint-Genis-Pouilly shop (taken over) and launch of our presence at markets

2020: Expansion of the maturing caves and opening of the Ville la Grand shop.

Artisan production 

Fromagerie Bouchet has built close relationships with a small number of talented farmhouse producers. All of them are human-scale family farms that respect their environment.
Herds are fed a 100% natural diet based on grass, hay and cereals.

Raw milk - a living food

The floral diversity of the Alps gives our milk an exceptional nutritional profile and a unique taste.

The raw milk used in our production has not been heated above 40°C.

This preserves the microbial flora, which is so important in giving cheeses their distinctive taste.

Maturing process

After the cheeses are made, we place them in our maturing room, on spruce boards.

For several weeks, or sometimes months, each cheese is rubbed, washed and turned.

It is this care and attention that allows the aromatic qualities so characteristic of our local cheeses to develop over time.

Quality control

We use our know-how and experience at every stage of the production and maturing process to make cheeses that are healthy, safe and delicious.

Fromagerie Bouchet is certified ISO 22000 and ECOCERT (recognising cheeses made from organical farming).




Fromagerie Bouchet first presented its cheeses at the Concours Général Agricole – a prestigious competition held as part of the Paris International Agricultural Show – in 2006. Since then, we have regularly featured among the winners, receiving:

  • 8 gold medals,
  • 9 silver medals,
  • 5 bronze medals,

Based on our consistent record in securing competition medals, we were awarded the Prix d’Excellence at the Concours Général Agricole in 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2023.